About Us


Chance & Catherine Paris

Chance Paris, was born and raised in the great state of Texas. I currently reside in Pampa, which is a small town in the Texas panhandle, Northeast of Amarillo.

I went to college at Southwestern Oklahoma State University. Received a Bachelors of Science in Park Law Enforcement and a minor in Wildland Fire Management. During the early years of college I worked in the oil field to pay my way through college. My junior year of college I was approached and asked if I would be interested in being a wildland firefighter.

At that very moment I had no idea what a wildland firefighter did, but it sounded like an adrenaline rush. I enrolled in my first wildland class and fell in love with everything that came with being a wildland firefighter. I worked for the BIA throughout the rest of college. Then I accepted a position in Tucson AZ working for the Sagurao Fire Use Module.

I worked there for roughly 3 years and then took a position on the Coronado National forest in AZ. I worked there for 2 years before taking a position back home for the National Park Service. I have fought wildfires in almost every state of the United States. I loved the brotherhood, it was something that is hard to replicate outside of fire. There was just something about knowing that you were doing something for the greater good and not just yourself. I met my wife in late 2012 and just a few days later I was on an assignment to NYC for superstorm Sandy.

From that point I had to choose what was the most important thing in my life. In September 18, 2013 I took a job working for an oil and gas company. By taking this job I was able to enjoy the small things in life that I had missed out on the last 10 years. I was able to focus on my family, faith, and the future.

My passion has always been firearms. Over the next few years I started to notice where customer service was heading in the firearms industry, and I wasn’t happy with it. At that moment I decided there were two options: sit back and do nothing, or do something to make a difference. I opted out for option two, and this is where the story begins for CP Tactical Solutions, LLC. I started grinding out what I wanted in a company, and the same values kept coming to the top. It was Customer Service, awesome product, reasonable prices, respect and integrity. These are the criteria that built the foundation for CP Tactical Solutions. I grew up where a hand shake was a binding contract, and a man’s word was all you needed. CP Tactical Solutions is bringing this mindset back to life. If I require you to sign a 20 page contract there’s a good chance I probably don’t need to do business with you. We do our best to make sure each and every purchase done with us is streamlined and easy. We believe that you shouldn’t have to purchase a firearm, suppressor, or accessory without giving it a test drive. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee with all our clients. We take the time with every customer to find out what firearm meets their exact needs. We have built our business on word of mouth and customer referrals. We look at it with the mindset that if we put out an awesome product with even better customer service, the world will beat a path to your doorstep.